Published by Omar Diaz
Mar 02, 2018


What is the SMYFFL?

The South Miami Youth Flag Football League (SMYFFL) is a member of the NFL Flag Football Program. SMYFFL is a Flag Football league open to all children ages 4 to 14 years old regardless of skill level. The league is another program being offered for the neighborhood communities surrounding the parks in City of South Miami and supported by the City of South Miami Parks & Recreation.

Who are the organizers?

Omar Diaz, President and Stuart McGregor (former Managing Director) of JAM Sports LLC formed the SMYFFL. Both Omar and Stu have been involved and associated with youth sports in Miami for many years.

Stu was past Commissioner since 2002 of the very successful South Miami Youth Baseball League at Palmer Park in South Miami. The SMYBL has been an institution in the Coral Gables/South Miami area for over 50 years. Stu's involvement started over 20 years ago in 1987 with his first son and continued as 2 more sons played in the league. A lawyer by profession, in 2000 he started and operated the Frozen Ropes Training Center in Miami, which was the premier indoor baseball-training center in South Florida. He has worked with MLB teams, college as well as high school level teams and is experienced in both training young players as well as operating camps and other organized youth sports activities. JAM Sports LLC is a sports related company involved in promoting youth sorts and supplying sporting goods and equipment to leagues in the South Florida area.

Omar is well known in youth sports throughout Miami. He grew up Miami, (Shenandoah neighborhood) and attended Miami Sr. High School Class of 1989. He served in the US Navy and played organized sports in the Military. Omar has coached youth sports for over 15 years and is NYSCA, High School Certified. He has been a Head Coach & Assistant for the following organizations: Kendall Boy's & Girl's Club, Coral Gables Panthers, SMYBL and South Miami Gray Ghost and 2014 Defensive Coordinator at Doral Academy School Champions of the Tri-County Middle School District. When not coaching on the playing fields, Omar is involved in the Administrative & Estate Property Management field as well. It is with his experience as both a parent and coach that Omar brings SMYFFL with the knowledge of what parents want and need for their children's involvement in organized youth sports. He is presently President of the South Miami Youth Baseball League and Owner of OD Sports LLC (SM Tornadoes).

By bringing a NFL member youth flag football league to the Miami area, together Omar and Stu plan to create the best league for parents to provide a safe, developmental, organized sports
activity for their sons and daughters that will be FUN for all involved.

Who are the Coaches?

Similar to the successful South Miami Youth Baseball League, Coaches are volunteer parents who have an interest in their children's activities. We actively seek parents to join our volunteer family and provide them with the tools and training to handle the responsibilities of the job. Those that have done so find it fun, yes challenging, as well as very fulfilling. Many of the coaches in the SMYBL come back year after year. By using parents, we also get the input of what works best for everyone associated with the league.

Lastly, but of utmost importance, the safety of our players is foremost. All coaches, although parents are cleared through the NFL before they can start.

How do I register my son/daughter and how much does it cost?

You can register your son/daughter online by pressing the registration link on the website, You can download the registration form and send your registration fee by mail to: P.O. Box 558633. Miami, FL 33255. Player evaluations will be held at Palmer Park on TBA, All players must be evaluated if not coming with a team. (Exception Mites thru Mustang Divisions will be placed on a team)

Contact Omar at or 786- 514-8256.


Cost is $135 per player for Spring Season, Mouth-guards are required and a SMYFFL mouth-guard can be purchased from the league for $2.00 NFL Jersey and flags will be supplied by the league.

(Teams Fees $900 minimum 7 players max 12 players per team- does not include uniforms or flags)

What is the league policy on "playing time?

It is league policy that ALL players participate in at least (5) plays per half per game. The only exception to this rule would be by the parent's request that their child either play less or not at all for possible academic reasons or other personal reasons.

All players are given the opportunity to play and participate in every position. If a player is uncomfortable about playing a position, the coaches will attempt to work with the player to build up his/her confidence and abilities at the position before seasons end.

However, if excessive practices are missed, a coach may only be able to use a player on offense or defense if he deems the player is unfamiliar with plays that have been worked on during practices.


Verbal and /or physical abuse towards league officials, coaches, other parents, players or opposing players, including but not limited to, disagreeing with a call that a referee made - or any other action on or off the field not in keeping with the Code of Conduct will not be tolerated. Referees and coaches in all youth league sports (not just our league) are very hard to find and then train. Our league like many others, have a very hard time finding referees to officiate our games. Violation of this rule will result in an immediate request to leave the field of play and surrounding area. Further action may result in suspension or a ban from the park for the season. For more detail on this issue, please read the SMYFFootballLeague, Additional Rules section on the Rules Page.

How will we get GAME SUMMARIES & Articles, Pictures?

Referees are responsible for reporting the final scores to the league and will confirm the score with the coaches after each score. Coaches also report final game scores to the league. This will be the official score entered in the standings.

Each team is encouraged and can send in a written game write up via email to Coaches and Team Moms will have access to their team home page to write articles and highlights of their game and include pictures. Both winning and losing teams are encouraged to post on the Team League website at Formats can be submitted in a Microsoft Word and JPG for pictures. Please do not submit pictures in BMT format, as space is limited.

How will we know who is on our team?

Rosters once published from the league are final. Each roster will have about the approximate number of players in the same age or grade groups. Teams can be made up with classmates and friends or you may bring your school teams on all divisions.Individuals players not coming with a team they will be drafted into a team.

The league recognizes for Individuals player as well as parents would like to participate with their friends, classmates, neighbors, and family relatives and the league supports this approach. We will attempt to accommodate requests to the best of our abilities prior to the season starting but there are NO Guarantees on any requests made. Parent's requests will be reviewed on an individual basis.

What about PRACTICES?

Practices are held in Palmer Park or any Miami Dade Parks the coaches select for Spring Season. Practice times are available on MONDAY AND THURSDAY ONLY between the hours of 4:00pm until 7:00pm ( for Palmer Only after baseball season is over). Coaches schedule practices on dates or times subject to their personal schedules but are encouraged to seek input from the Team parents at the beginning of the season. The league advertises to parents that most coaches hold one practice per week during the season. Prior to the start of the regular season a Coach may choose to hold more practices. However, practices are not to exceed two (2) days a week maximum and no longer than two (2) hours maximum at anytime during the season.


When will we get our SCHEDULES?


A schedule will be published in Mid April . Schedules are FINAL and cannot be changed. Often coaches will request a simple change in a game time slot in the middle of the season after the schedules have been out. While on paper it seems like nothing major, please keep in mind that if the league accommodates one coach request, it must accommodate ALL coaches requests.

Games Schedule, it could change depending on the division:


Games will be played Sunday at the beginning of the Season, then we will have weekdays schedule and eventually moved to Saturday after baseball season is over at the park!

How do we get our NFL JERSEYS?


All participants will get to keep their official NFL Flag Jersey & NFL Flag at the conclusion of the season. Home teams will be the 2nd team listed on the schedules and will wear their white jerseys. NFL Flag Jerseys come in the 7 sizes shown below: Youth Medium, Youth Large, Small, Medium, Large, X-large, and XX-large. To better understand the 
jersey sizes please see the chart below.


When you have completed registration and have selected the desired jersey size for the participant, there will be no exchanges on sizes once received. Jersey sizes are not guaranteed when ordering.

What do we do about RAIN & INCLEMENT WEATHER?


Just like "Real" football, games will be played in the rain unless the fields 
are unplayable or if lightning is present. Parents are responsible to dress their children appropriately. Also, a change of clothes might be wise as well if you are planning to stay for other games during the day. As a rule the league web site will post details on cancellations mid-day on Wednesday and early Saturday mornings under the "Weather Tab". 
Teams are encouraged to set up a team phone link line starting with the Coach and/or Team Mom. Unless a game is confirmed as canceled, PARENTS should bring their players to the field. Game time decisions are usually the rule rather than the exception. The Referee and/or league officials will make suspension or cancellation once a game has started.


 Referees are responsible for reporting the final scores to the league and will confirm the score with the coaches after each score. Coaches also report final game scores to the league. This will be the official score entered in the standings. Standings will be posted.


Our league is to have fun. Each team qualifies for the playoffs. Playoffs will be single elimination format, with playoff rounds game being played during the week and Saturday, Playoff seeding will be per ranking standing at the end of the regular 
season for each team.


League regular season standings will be determined primarily by WON-LOST, Tied record. 

Who can be on the Field during Games?


Below is league policy for the Spring Season: Parents and spectators are not allowed on the playing field and requested to stand back 5 yards from the out of bounds lines or End zone. Parents are responsible for their children not playing as well as other spectators they bring to the game.


DIVISION AND AGE GROUP Boys, Coed and Girls:

Boys, Coed Recreational: 5U,6U,7U,8U,9U,10U,11/12U,13/14U

Girls Division: 10U,12U,14U only

Boys, Coed Competitive : 8U,9U,10U,11/12U,13/14U


** (5 under and 6 under ) Division 5 on 5 : One coach is allowed in the huddle on offense as well as one coach out on the field with the defense. Please note that once the play starts, both coaches must immediately back away as to not interfere with the game action.

** (7 under and 8 Under ) Division 5 on 5 : One coach is allowed in the huddle on offense as well as one coach out on the field with the defense. Please note that once the play starts, both coaches must immediately back away as to not interfere with the game action.

** (9 under, 10 under ) Division 5 on 5: No coach is allowed on the field. Must coach from the sidelines.


** (11/12 under) Division 5 on 5: No coach is allowed on the field. Must coach from the sidelines.


** (13/14 under ) 5 on 5 :No coach is allowed on the field. Must coach from the sidelines.


Are there any OTHER ACTIVITIES organized by the League?

YES: The NFL Pepsi PUNT, PASS & KICK program is a national skills competition for boys and girls between the ages of 8 -15 to compete separately against their peers. 

Established in 1961, the PP&K program is the oldest NFL Youth Football program. Girls and boys in four separate age divisions (8-9, 10-11, 12-13, and 14-15) compete against each other in punting, passing and place kicking in a fun and engaging forum.

The PP&K program is free to every youngster who wants to participate!


 Refund Policy: I signed my child up and now he does not want to play or got injured before the season start , what do I do-league policy Refund?