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Oct 13, 2018

It’s that time of year! We are writing to ask your for your for an important cause. For the third year in a row we will play in a 100 hole golf tournament to benefit the THE GANLEY FOUNDATION, whose mission is to fight teenage suicides, a very big problem that people are not talking about enough. You can find out more at

My brother, Roberto, and me, Tomás, are official youth ambassadors. The foundation is in Miami and was started by Jim Ganley, a good friend of our family, who lost his son to suicide almost 10 years ago. After the tragedy, the.Ganley family started the foundation to educate kids and parents about depression and to prevent more suicides among kids.

Did you know that:

    1. In the United States, 8% of high school students attempt suicide each year.
    2. Approximately 20% of students in grades 9-12 have considered suicide within the past twelve months.

To raise money for the foundation we will both again compete in The Ironman Golf Tournament Fundraiser -- a “marathon” where we will play 100 holes of golf in a single day! The event is on April 7th at the Parkland Country Club in Parkland, Florida.

Would you please sponsor us and contribute to this great cause? Anything you can give will help. Our goal is to beat our total from last year when we raised over $5,000.

It's easy to donate. Just click and you can donate with a credit card. Or you can send a check made out to THE GANLEY FOUNDATION and mail to us at: 3360 Poinciana Avenue, Coconut Grove, Fl, 331333.

Thanks for all your past and future support.