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Miami, FL 33255
Phone: 7865148256

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Written by: League Administrator
Monday, May 18, 2015

What is the SMYFFL?

The South Miami Youth Flag Football League (SMYFFL) is a member of the NFL FlagFootball Program. SMYFFL is a Flag Football league open to all children ages 4 to 15 years old regardless of skill level. The league is another program being offered for the neighborhood communities surrounding the parks in City of South Miami and supported by the City of South Miami Parks & Recreation.

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2015 SM Summer Camps

Written by: League Administrator
Thursday, May 28, 2015


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OD Sports & Beast Miami Basketball Youth Summer League

Written by: League Administrator
Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Basketball League (Saturday Only) Gym St. Brendan High School.

OD Sports & Beast Miami Basketball! Bring your own Team. 8 games guaranteed.

Ages 6U, 8U, 10U and 13U Divisions Only.


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Yesterday's Scores
Mustang JR 8U: 8U-Packers-Joey P 6
Mustang JR 8U: 8U-Sehawks-Alex J 12
Mustang JR 8U: 8U-Aqua Dolphins-S Hernandez 0
Mustang JR 8U: 8U-Steelers-Edward Diaz 16
Mustang JR 8U: 8U-SoMi Sharks-1 24
Mustang JR 8U: 8U-R.O.C.C Sports-Edwin R 31
Mustang JR 8U: 8U-Dolphins-Michael G 28
Mustang JR 8U: 8U-Eagles-Doug McCarron 12
Mustang- (8 under): 8U-Steelers-Paul P 18
Mustang- (8 under): 8U-Ryan Football 50
Mustang- (8 under): 8U-SoMi Sharks-2 21
Mustang- (8 under): 8U-SoMi Sharks-3 33
Mustang- (8 under): 8U-Red Zone AllStar - Juan Lleo 25
Mustang- (8 under): 8U-Cowboys-Armando Diaz 7
Mustang- (8 under): 8U-Gold Steelers-Raul L 6
Mustang- (8 under): 8U-Raiders-Carlos G 20
Rookies- (10U North Division): 10U-SoMi Sharks-2 24
Rookies- (10U North Division): 10U-Imater Marlins 20
Rookies- (10U North Division): 10U-Chargers-Juvenal 30
Rookies- (10U North Division): 10U-Jets Green-Perry P 20
Rookies- (10U North Division): 10U-Colts-Jeff Vidal 26
Rookies- (10U North Division): 10U-Patriots-Alex L 0
Rookies- (10U North Division): 10U-Ravens-Alex Losa 6
Rookies- (10U North Division): 10U-Cowboys-Armando Diaz 41
Pro- (13/14/15 Under): P-Chargers-Rick Riera-Gomez 48
Pro- (13/14/15 Under): P-Bears-Peter S 28
Pony-(4/6 under): 4/6U- -TouchDream-John-Nick 0
Pony-(4/6 under): 4/6U- -Somi Sharks 22
Pony-(4/6 under): 4/6U- -Dolphins-Ralph M 48
Pony-(4/6 under): 4/6U- BB Bombers- Audley B 12

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